Fri. Oct 30th, 2020


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Attracts a Beautiful Inner World


Firstly, girls need to try to abandon this principle – to impress the maximum number of men. Anyone who is destined to notice you will see you anyway. It is even possible that the future husband will notice you just when you stand out by modesty against the background of other girls trying to impress men with their makeup, hairstyle, and appearance. I strongly advise girls not to strive for an external effect. Instead, it is necessary to work on spiritual beauty, inner humility, chastity. It is a beautiful inner spiritual world that attracts.

What qualities are inherent in inner beauty?

Attracts a Beautiful Inner World

Inner beauty includes patience, humility, mercy, an unequal attitude, meekness, meekness. It is very important.

Most people try to cultivate in themselves those qualities that will raise his rating in the company, in the team. And the qualities you mentioned are completely different.

Yes, I agree. These are other qualities. But we are not talking about the team, but about the family. We are talking about the closest and most permanent relationship. But meekness and humility, inner beauty in the team are also visible! They are striking. Some girls may think that they are such gray mice, and no one notices them. But in fact they are perfectly visible.

Many of us suffer from complexes. And they are trying to fight them, raising their self-esteem due to success in the team. How can a “gray mouse” that does not seek mass success believe that it has its own value, that it is worthy of love? How can she not start to complex? How to do without “show behavior” and the desire to please?

Of course, the girl’s self-esteem is greatly increased when she receives attention from men. Conversely, when she does not receive attention, she tries in all possible – sometimes unnatural, cheap – ways to attract him. In order not to stoop to such methods, it is important to have an inner core.

Does every team need to succeed? Perhaps it’s better to just change the team. Maybe a person has the right ideals that the team does not accept. Why then need this team? Sometimes, after all, it turns out that we are not there, we are not friends with those people, and we are looking for happiness in the wrong place. Do not try to change and try to get closer to some alien standard. If we try to gain attention with the help of such methods, we will, firstly, get the same answer, and secondly, we will lose ourselves. Who will we attract to ourselves? That man for whom external beauty is important? And then what? And then he will see the girl more beautifully and will turn his attention to her. And why is this needed? To remain unhappy afterwards?

In general, true friends are very important for true self-esteem. If you are alone, it’s much harder for you.

Another point is important: a person feels lonely when he is a consumer in a relationship. When he learns to give, people start reaching out for him, and he feels an inner fullness.

Yes this is true. It is always useful to devote oneself to people, to bring good to them disinterestedly. Such a person will always be in authority in any team. If a person has not been rude, has not offended anyone by word or deed, has been responsive and helped, he will be respected by all.

This is not only authority, but also an inner sense of fullness. If you pour out your attention outside, then it also fills those around you. And if you expect attention from someone, and there is no such attention, then a void will form inside you. In the latter case, of course, selfishness is manifested.

How can a girl learn to be a real woman, and a guy – a real man? Indeed, without this, confusion will arise in the family, a struggle for power.

We are now undergoing a substitution of values, and violation of gender-role models. Many girls try to make a career, to realize themselves in the profession. But after all, initially the girl was destined to marry, give birth to children and maintain the warmth of the family hearth. This is the highest and most grateful business for her. And a man, as expected, should act as the head of the family, the defender of external borders, to provide for the family financially. A woman should engage in everyday life, the inner world of the family. If she begins to earn more, then psychological problems begin in the family.