Sun. Nov 1st, 2020


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Government Issued New Guidelines for Lockdown: All Transport Services will be Closed Till 3rd May


Accepting the suggestion of all state governments to fight against the corona virus, the central government has extended the lockdown till May 3 in the country. After which the Union Home Ministry has issued new guidelines on Wednesday. In which it has been said that the ban on all types of transport services will continue. The boundaries of the states will remain sealed. However people will be allowed to go out for essential services. Apart from this, work related to agriculture has been exempted. Also, agencies will be able to buy the produce of farmers.

Government Issued New Guidelines for Lockdown

According to the guidelines, people cannot travel by bus, metro, air, train. Schools, colleges, coaching centers will also remain closed. It will be mandatory to cover the mouth with a mask while exiting. Those spitting in public places will have to pay a fine. Cinema halls, malls, shopping complex, gym, sports complex, swimming pool, bars will be closed till May 3. The inter-state, inter-district movement of people will continue to be banned.

All social, political, sports, religious ceremonies, religious places, prayer places will remain closed to the public till May 3. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address to the nation on Tuesday that more tightening will continue till April 20. After this, the areas which will not be hotspots or which are unlikely to turn into hotspots will be exempted. Today, new guidelines have been issued regarding these exemptions.

Know What Will Remain Closed

Domestic and international flights, passenger trains, all types of educational institutions, coaching centers, educational training, industrial and commercial activities, hotels, taxis, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, cinema halls, shopping complex, gym, sports complex, swimming pool, bar , Theater, any kind of event, all religious places will remain closed. No more than 20 people will be allowed to attend the funeral.

They Have Got Concession

According to the ministry, the activities that will be approved from April 20 will include agriculture, horticulture, farming, purchase of agricultural products, ‘mandis’. Also, agencies will be able to buy the produce of farmers. Permission has been given to continue the works under MNREGA. Industries operating in rural areas will be allowed to operate from April 30 with strict rules of social distance. Apart from this, construction work being done by the state government has been given concession. All people have been asked to follow social distance.