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How to write a book or novel step by step?


Before you start writing your book, you will need to have an idea. It is the seed from which your book is born. Developing a concept can in any case be difficult. Ideas come when you open up for more experiences, so the best way to get an idea for a book is to go out and do different things. How to write a book step by step? Here is the prescription:

  • Identify a market need
  • You document yourself and position yourself differentially
  • You write the book
  • You design it yourself
  • You distribute it yourself
How to write a book or novel step by step

The main problems related to self-publication

  • If you don’t know Marketing, you take the risk of writing a book that nobody wants to buy.
  • If you don’t know about design, your book is probably so ugly and difficult to read that your buyers want to sue you in court!
  • If you don’t know how to distribute your book, it will probably never get into the hands of its readers.

While it is true that technology offers more and more options for self-publishing (print on demand or distribution of e-books), no one has said that without prior training you would be able to achieve anything. Don’t worry, there is a proven methodology on how to write a book step by step. It will accompany you in each of the steps that you are going to have to take.

Do Not Write Anything Until You Validate It with Your Audience

Before launching to write a digital book, what I recommend is not to try to write a generic book but to write a book that has an audience.

This is much easier when you are a blogger, because if you are a blogger, there are ways to identify topics of interest to your audience, for example, through your most commented or most viewed posts, you can also propose a small survey among your readers to validate with them the interest that the fact of having a product or digital book on these topics would have.

If you intend to put your book up for sale, it is important that in this survey you talk about a price bracket that you want to use to validate the idea, because if the product is free, many people tend to give you their support, but if it is paid they will be something more critical.

If You Don’t Have Art, Try To Be Useful and Practical

My second recommendation in the environment of writing a book, since there are very few good writers (and it is a full time job that is NOT mine), it is better that your digital book is useful. It is much easier to make a useful book than a fun book, a book that leaves you hooked on the plot of the story and the complexity of its characters. To make sure your book is useful, the most likely way is to identify a group that has a problem and try to respond to the problem that this group has.

However, if you lack skills and knowledge or even time to write a whole book or novel, you can just turn to the ghostwriting services. They tend to write any type of content for you depending on your needs.

Try To Focus Your Book, To The Maximum

Do not write a generic book, about blogs for example. Write about a specific problem that hurts a lot, the lack of visits is one of them. If your book is conceived in this way, you are minimizing the chances of failure, or of removing a product that will not find a market.

I know it seems unnatural, but by focusing you will become more visible in a niche, and you will end up selling more than if you are one more, invisible in a market.


Once you’re clear on who you’re writing for and what you’re going to write about, launch a brainstorm. The next question is: How to organize ideas for your next book? You can use a mind mapping process since the different parts that will appear on your mind map are basically identifying the chapters in your book. From there you have to find time, either early in the morning or late at night but when you are free from distractions and start writing. There are no secrets, writing a book is a lot of work. Writing a book is yet another way to differentiate yourself from the competition and capture attention. Many try and few succeed.