Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020


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Internet Marketing 2020 – Where to Start?


Many experts who embark on the path of working with Internet marketing refuse it soon after the first serious digital campaign. Internet marketing may seem like an easy way to make money, but people soon realize that it will take responsibility and hard work.

Working with Internet marketing goes far beyond creating a website or writing articles. In the arsenal of a novice Internet marketer is a wide range of marketing tools, the correct use of which will lead to success. A thorough analysis of methods and tools for promotion is a difficult task. Only by carefully studying the tools of Internet marketing can you create a profitable online business.

Internet Marketing 2020

Identify the target audience – find the need and make up for it

Beginner Internet marketers are mistaken when they first develop a product, and then everything else. Do not trust completely market research – you will receive a large amount of information with low practical significance. Formal studies reflect trends, but in no way reveal the prospect of market development. They are divorced from consumers who themselves are not fully aware of their needs. Formal research will not help outperform competitors. You begin to follow the market and will not be any different from them.

Write effective and strong content

A customer on the Internet is a skeptical person armed with negative experience. The purpose of the text is to remove all objections and concerns of the buyer, to answer all his questions. A sales text is a substitute for a sales manager. Such texts accompany the user throughout the sales funnel, from the moment you visit your site to the time of purchase.

So that the selling text does not remove objections and the user buys from you, follow these steps:

  • Arouse user interest with attractive headlines.
  • Describe the problems of users that your product solves.
  • Build trust in yourself as a seller who can solve user problems.
  • Add customer reviews that are already using your product.
  • Describe in detail the product and its benefits.
  • Make a competent proposal.
  • Make a reliable guarantee.
  • Create urgency.

Define your mission

It is very important to decide on the brand and market positioning, as this will help you stand out against the background of the same type of offers. To do this, you need to answer three questions:

  • What mission do you want to accomplish?
  • What are the core values ​​of your business?
  • What sets you apart from other companies offering similar products?

Answers to questions about who you are, what you are trying to do, and what makes you different. So you formulate your USP (unique product offer), which will become the driving force of your brand.

Design and run a simple website

You have decided on the market and product, and consolidated the sales process. Now you are ready to develop web design. The main thing – do not complicate. At your disposal no more than 5 seconds to capture the user’s attention, otherwise you will lose them forever.

Build your reputation

People will connect to the Internet, first of all, to search for information. Provide them with this information for free by distributing it to other reputable sites. So you get a lot more traffic and increase your ranking in search engines. Always leave a link to your site in any form of content you provide.

In addition, in order to build strong reputation on internet it is highly recommended to count on a Wikipedia page. It will allow you to get reliability, credibility and also enhance online traffic to your business. If you don’t know how to get Wikipedia page, just count on any expert.

Use SMM Marketing

After you make sure that the site works well, all pages are set up correctly, you can do company profiles on social networks. Social media pages are essential for engaging with your audience. And not just because they all have – they will be with us. It is extremely important to develop a strategy for social media that will focus on specific results and will be constantly evolving.

Get in touch with customers using email marketing.

By creating subscription offers, you are creating a valuable asset for online business. To do this, you can use the opt-in technology on the site. Changes on the Internet are happening so fast that 1 year online is about 5 years in the real world. But the principles for starting a successful online business do not change. If you are just starting a business on the Internet, follow these tips.